One of the things that makes Nevada unique is that it is the only state in the U.S. that allows a form of legal prostitution in the form of brothels.  In Nevada, brothels are legal businesses where customers can come and pay for sex.  There are currently 19 legal brothels in Nevada, and four of those are within 30 miles of Scarlet Hope Reno.

I have longed to expand our outreach efforts to these four brothels for many years but have been unable to because of limited volunteers and resources.  However, last year for Valentine’s Day outreach, we had dozens of extra roses that we had given out in the clubs.  We decided the perfect way to use these leftover roses would be to visit one of the brothels.

It was already quite late as my teammate and I approached the front doors of the building.  We walked into the front lounge of the brothel, roses in hand, and introduced ourselves to the women working there.  At least ten women were working that night and they were happy to talk and thankful for our gift.  The women who work in these brothels often work for weeks at a time and aren’t allowed to leave the premises.  Undoubtedly lonely and hungry for conversation, they seemed more than happy for us to stay for a while.  We decided to stay and eat a meal with them and got to hear many of their stories.  It was one of those amazing nights where God was obviously moving and opening doors for us.

It is my hope that by the end of this year Scarlet Hope Reno will be serving in at least one brothel, sharing the hope and love of Jesus with the women working there.  But we can’t do this without help.  Not only do we need more people who are willing to be on the frontlines and help us with outreach, but we also need financial support to do this. 

An $80 donation would support an entire night of outreach.  With just $80, God opens the doors to seemingly impossible places where His light can shine into the darkness.  Please help us Reach Reno by becoming a volunteer or donating today!