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Our Impact

We go out with the intention of building relationships—building relationships with each and every one of the women we come into contact with while also praying and actively working towards deeper relationships outside of the clubs. Our goal in building relationships with these women is to walk alongside them through the ups and downs of life. This means going to lunch with them, helping them build a resume, providing hygiene baskets or food bags if necessary, goal coaching, and sharing Jesus with them through some of their darkest moments. Our desire is to empower these women toward the goals and needs that they desire and want in their life. We do not ever push our own agenda or idea for what their life should look like, despite our desire for them to find freedom. When they are ready for change, they know we are there and are eager to help. Until then, we walk beside them in hope of what is to come.

For over 8 years now we have gone every week into Reno’s strip clubs with a tray of finger foods and a Bible verse card. We serve around 125 women every week. We currently meet with 2 women in our Resource Center on a bi-weekly basis as they are pursuing healing from past/current trauma. We desire to see that number continue to grow as our Hope for Her Program expands and the women we serve discover the safe community that is available to them on Thursday afternoons.