Our Impact

We go out with the intention of making friends for ourselves—friends whose lives we want to enter and whom we want to invite into our lives.  We celebrate their birthdays and the arrival of their babies.  Our children play with their children.  We give them rides to doctor’s appointments.  We eat lunch together.  We go with them to court dates.  We deliver dinners.  We assist them in obtaining birth certificates and social security cards.  We distribute hygiene packs.  We help them get antibiotics when they have an abscessed tooth.  We laugh with them over shared jokes; we cry with them when they lose a loved one; we weep with their loved ones at their memorial services.  They are most literally our friends, women whom we very much want to have with us rejoicing around the throne one day.

For over six years now we have gone every week to Reno’s strip clubs with a tray of finger foods and a Bible verse card.  We serve around 100 women every week.  Being so consistently on the ground in the places where 70% of trafficking occurs establishes us as safe people these women can trust.  Many of them come from Dallas, Sacramento, San Francisco, and other cities, so our influence extends beyond Reno, Nevada.